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 Why not-Hilary Duff

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MesajKonu: Why not-Hilary Duff   Paz Mart 07, 2010 11:30 pm

think you're going nowhere
when you're walking down the street
acting like you just don't care
when life could be so sweet

why you wanna be like that
as if there's nothing new
you're not fooling no one
you're not even fooling you

so walk a little slower
and open up your eyes
sometimes it's so hard to see
the good things passing by

there might never be a sign
no flashing neon light
telling you to make your move
or when the time is right

(so) why not (why not)
take a crazy chance
why not (why not)
do a crazy dance
if you lose a moment
you might lose a lot
so why not
why not

why not
take a crazy chance
why not
take a crazy chance

you always dress in yellow
when you wanna dress in gold
instead of listening to your heart
you do just what you're told
you keep waiting where you are
for what you'll never know
let's just get into your car
and go baby go


i could be the one for you
oh, yeah
maybe yes, maybe no
it could be the thing to do
what i'm saying is
you gotta let me know

you'll never get to heaven
or even to l.a.
if you don't believe there's a way

why not
take a star from the sky
why not
spread your wings and fly
it might take a little
and it might take a lot
but why not
why not

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Why not-Hilary Duff
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